When your body goes into labor, my birth assistant and I will come to your home.  No need to wake sleeping children or try to relax through contractions in the car.  I bring with me everything needed for the labor, birth and immediate postpartum.  This includes my birth kit of instruments, bulb syringe, oxygen, IV supplies, emergency equipment and medications to stop postpartum bleeding.  I am fully prepared and trained should the birth or postpartum move outside of normal.  

While in labor, you have complete freedom of movement.  You are encouraged to eat and drink.  I have the ability to give you an IV, but it is not standard and only given if needed.  I will monitor your blood pressure, pulse and temperature.  I will listen to the baby's heart beat with my handheld Doppler in increasing intervals as labor progresses. 

Regardless of whether you choose to have a land birth or a water birth, baby comes to your chest after birth.  We will do immediate skin to skin.  I practice delayed cord cutting, which means the umbilical cord will not be cut until after it stops pulsing. Anything that I need to do for baby, I can do right on your chest or in your arms.

My birth assistant and I will do all the clean up  and birth laundry before we depart. Birth is really pretty clean. You won't have to replace your mattress or get new carpet!  Once you and baby are medically stable, comfortable breastfeeding and ready to sleep, my birth assistant and I will leave you to enjoy your new family addition.

Should a situation arise that requires transferring to the hospital, I will accompany you.  I will call ahead to the hospital to let them know what is happening and what is needed.  We will go either via ambulance or personal vehicle depending on the situation. Although, I don't have hospital privileges, I will be able to communicate with the hospital staff to insure a smooth transition.  

Labor and Birth

Prenatal Care

Postpartum Visits

I will return to your home 24-48 hrs after the birth. I will check on you and the baby.  You can sign the birth certificate for the state.  I provide breastfeeding help and can recommend several pediatricians who are supportive of out of hospital birth and alternative vaccine schedules.  Overall, make sure you and baby are happy and healthy.  I will see you and baby at the office for your postpartum visits at 2 weeks and 6 weeks.

I offer complete prenatal care during your pregnancy.  Visits are scheduled at standard intervals: Once a  month until 28 weeks, every two weeks until 36 weeks and once a week until the baby is born.  I have a quiet, comfortable office space for prenatal and postpartum visits.

At each visit, we will listen to baby's heart beat, measure your uterus and depending on your weeks gestation, I can tell you where baby's head, back and feet are positioned at the moment.  I will also check your blood pressure and weight.  The remaining visit is spent talking about how you are feeling, both physically and emotionally, and ways to keep your pregnancy very healthy.  After all, a healthy pregnancy leads to a healthy birth and a healthy baby plus an easier postpartum recovery.  We will discuss birth stories and your plans for your birth.  

Labs are also done at specific intervals.  We will check your iron at your initial appointment, 28 weeks and again at 36 weeks. This allows you to make diet adjustments to insure your iron is as high as possible before and after birth.  An ultrasound will be scheduled around 19-22 weeks to insure the baby is as low risk as his/her mother. Gestational diabetes screen is done at 28 weeks.  Don't worry, you can eat a meal instead of drinking the glucola drink! Then at 36 weeks, cultures are performed in preparation of birth.  I will draw all labwork.  You won't have to go to the lab.