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Becky Keffer Machado, LM, CPM


My wife and I have 3 kids, Samantha, Megan and Thomas. Being a home birth baby myself, seeking a midwife for my own pregnancies was an easy choice. My girls were born in water in a birth center in Ft. Myers. I breastfed, co-slept, used cloth diapers and carried my babies in slings.  Joining our two families was easy with our similar attachment parenting styles.  Plus we both always wanted to expand our families!   

About my practice


I am a Florida Licensed Midwife (LM) and a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). I am also certified in CPR and NRP, neonatal resuscitation program.  I started Sweet Baby Midwifery, LLC in order to provide one-on-one, personalized care for women and their families during their pregnancies.  All family types and dynamics are welcome. You'll find only support here!  Anyone you choose is welcome to participate, especially children. 

I follow the Midwifery Model of Care which basically means that pregnancy isn't a medical disease. Birth isn't a procedure.  Home birth is a safe alternative for low-risk women.  I have a great relationship with a local doctor who provides prenatal consultation services, if needed.  Once accepted into midwifery care, we will work together to keep you as low-risk as possible.  I believe in treating things naturally and prevention is the best treatment.  So many things in pregnancy can be prevented with a good diet, enough protein and water.  Healthy pregnancy equals a healthy baby.  I have been privileged to have welcomed over 230 babies into this world as a licensed midwife and have attended over 350 births since I started this journey of helping moms and babies.  I would be honored to use my knowledge and experience to help you not only have a healthy pregnancy but have the tools to care for those Sweet Babies.  

Home birth is familiar, intimate and family centered. Midwifery care provides women with a safe and professional alternative for maternity care and birth.  Home birth has the advantage of the same level of care offered at a birth center but with the privacy and comforts of your home. When you choose a Home Birth Midwife, you are choosing someone to walk with you through the journey of pregnancy and protect your childbirth space.  Midwives become family. We are proactive and preventative.  We don't wait until there is an issue, we stop the issue from happening in the first place.  We know normal pregnancy and birth really well.  Midwives love sharing that knowledge. 

Professional Home birth and prenatal services 

Office located at 1400 S. Orlando Ave Suite 320, Winter Park, FL 32789

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